Sunday, December 28, 2014

You are my sunshine..

At last I've been having enough time to sit down by the computer and share this with you!
It's been a lot to do and my finger's been itching to finally press "Publish" and show you what I've been working on this last month :D


This is it! I found the chart on Etsy, and it was so fun to stitch! There's two more in the collection (of course the verse has to be complete!) and I can't wait to stitch them as well. But for now, it's Sweet Shoppe that's taking the time, since I've started over with it, I've done 1200 stitches, it just takes so much time when you have to do it a second time.. 


  1. Beautiful colours in this finish and you framed it perfectly. It's horrible re stitching but at least you hadn't done too much before you realised.

  2. Such a beautiful, cheerful design! Yes, stitching a second time is a real pain but I think we all have done that!

  3. Wonderful, bright & cheery!! A perfect gift :)